Monday, October 23, 2006

Reader: Cannon doth protest too much...

Check out the Daily Herald comments re: Cannon's outburst. Our quote of the day goes to cfreanor who summed up the issue:

[Y]ou can see that Burridge was not attacking Cannon. He was simply
drawing the local connection to an issue that plagues this Nation and
Congress. He was not inferring that Cannon had anything to do with
Abramoff and he was not saying that everyone in Cannon's office is a
scumbag. He is simply reminding people that the issue hits close to home
when we see staffers from our district going to prison over it. Maybe it's
time we elect someone who wants to take Congress back from the lobbyists and
put it in the hands of the people again.
I think Mr. Cannon doth protest too
(Emphasis added.)

Perhaps his outburst was fueled by guilt, shame, and worry. Awfully
defensive for no good reason.

To listen to the interruption of Burridge's argument go here.

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