Friday, October 13, 2006

Media Coverage and Op-Ed Flurry Denouncing Cannon

Recently the media and members of the community have pointed out Rep. Cannon's lack of authenticity with regard to his comments about the Foley scandal. "It is like he is trying to sell thirsty people in the desert sand while telling them it is water," said Krell Cook a resident of South Jordan. "People see it as spin and are outraged at Cannon's lack of respect of the intelligence of the people in his community," Cook went on. Prominent members of the press and media have also reported on or denounced Cannon for his insulting tone to the intelligence of the people of Utah. Here are the links:

Radio Story
Ethan Millard KSL's Nightside Project

News Articles
Thomas Burr Salt Lake Tribune
Alan Choate Daily Herald
Jeremy Twitchell Deseret News

Bob Bernick Deseret News
Daily Herald
Holly Mullen Salt Lake Tribune

Miriam Harper
Brittany Leonard
Regan Howell
Jerry Borrowman

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