Saturday, October 21, 2006

Daily Herald Reports: Cannon "Shouting" During Burridge's remarks to hide Abramoff/Safavian Connection

Cannon shouted down Christian Burridge statements when he didn't like what he heard on Friday afternoon. The following is the Daily Herald account:

Debate ends in shouting match

ALAN CHOATE - Daily Herald
The conclusion of a debate between candidates for Utah's 3rd Congressional District became heated Friday when one participant tried to link the incumbent, U.S. Rep. Chris Cannon, to a lobbyist/bribery scandal.
Cannon, a Republican, denounced statements by his Democratic opponent, Christian Burridge, who was noting the fact that Cannon's former chief of staff was convicted on charges stemming from the Jack Abramoff lobbying scandal.
Burridge's comments came during his closing statement, which he dedicated to calling for lobbyist and ethics reform in Congress, including a two- to five-year blackout period to limit the "revolving door" between Congress and lobbying firms.
"In our 3rd District congressional office," Burridge said, "David Safavian, who was a gambling lobbyist who worked for Jack Abramoff, came in to our office, ran our office and then lobbied --"
Cannon: "Pardon me. May I just interject here?"
Burridge: "No, it's my 30 seconds."
Cannon: "It's not your 30 seconds....

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