Friday, October 27, 2006

Crumbling: KSL Nightside breaks that Cannon going to 'cut 'n run' from previously scheduled Doug Wright Debate

The Cannon for Congress website states,
Elections are about comparing candidates, their experience, their records, and their stands on the issues. This campaign should not be waged solely through advertising and paid “messaging”. We need to actually talk about the issues, to give voters and each other the opportunity to challenge our stands, understand our backgrounds and hear first-hand our visions for Utah’s future. “There is a great deal going on in Congress right now, but debates are important. I look forward to them, and I am committed to participate in as many as we can schedule.

The Doug Wright debate was scheduled on November 1. But after today's
Salt Lake Tribune endorsement of Christian Burridge, Chris Cannon has cut and run and is looking for cover.

Listen here:

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