Saturday, September 02, 2006

Vice Chair of Utah Dem Party (Active LDS member) Rob Miller's letter to Senator Bennett

Dear Senator Bennett,
As an active member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and as vice chair of the Utah State Democratic Party, and as the father of three potential Mormon Democrats, I am truly taken back by your comments that were printed in the Standard-Examiner article by Andy Howell titled, "Utah Senator: Democrats have forced out moderate Mormons".

I have always looked to you as a man of "reason". My father in-law, Patriarch Devon Doney, has told me that he served with you in the Army, and that he holds you in high regard, as I am sure do a majority of your constituents. Even Congressman Jim Matheson has stated his high regard for you.

With that said, the question I must ask you is this, when did political deceit and baring false images against your fellow Utahns become a part of your nature?

Simply put, your blatant lie is reprehensible and is an insult to the leadership and membership of the Utah Democratic Party, as well as The First Presidency of the LDS Church who purposely changed the wording of this year's neutrality statement to represent this truth, "Principles compatible with the gospel may be found in the platforms of all major political parties..." This statement has brought comfort to so many LDS Democrats who have suffered unjustly at the hand of discrimination not because the have done anything wrong, but due to the fact that their conscience could not, and would not allow them to feel comfortable participating in their constitutional rights as members of the Republican Party.

I would also like to ask if you ever thought about the harm you may have caused to the children of people like myself who are proud Democrats? Can you imagine my children coming home from school after being told by their classmates that their father is "anti Mormon"?

Senator Bennett, in the name of honesty and decency I ask that you revoke your lie and the clear and intentional misrepresentation of the Utah Democratic Party, its leaders, and membership. Only a public apology will suffice and clear you from bearing falsehoods against your neighbor. You have been giving great opportunity to do good in your life; it would be a shame to see you lose your ethical character in the name of fear and in the pursuit of absolute power.

With every best wish,

Rob Miller Vice Chair, Utah State Democratic Committee

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