Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Congressman Cannon votes against veterans

WEST JORDAN, UT.- Congressman Chris Cannon voted with only thirty members in the US House Thursday against a prescription drug relief program for veterans.

In Thursday’s vote the House passed an amendment to defense spending bill 5122 directing pharmaceutical companies to provide discount prescription drugs at retail pharmacies for military veterans (amnd. 434). Congressman Cannon was the only member of the Utah House delegation to vote against the measure. The amendment passed by a wide margin, 374-30, with 181 Republicans voting in favor of the legislation. A similar provision has already passed in the Senate, with Utah Senators Hatch and Bennett voting in favor of the provision.

The amendment will provide discount prescription drugs at all retail outlets for military veterans enrolled in the Tricare health network.

Christian Burridge, Rep. Cannon’s Democratic opponent in the November 7th election stated, “As someone who grew up in a military family I am close to people that use Tricare—I can say I would have voted for the Amendment. Our veterans and their families deserve the support of their representative. Congressman Cannon has voted to send our troops to war, but fails to support them when they return home.”

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