Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Congressman Cannon leads Utah’s Delegation-in missed votes

WEST JORDAN, UT. - Congressman Chris Cannon has missed some votes this year. A lot of votes. In fact, Congressman Cannon has missed more votes than both of his Utah congressional colleagues combined.

It is not unusual for a member of Congress to miss votes during the session; Representatives are busy with committee assignments and addressing constituent concerns. However, Congressman Cannon, who represents Utah’s third district, has missed 102 votes thus far in the 109th Congress, including key votes addressing transportation and security matters that directly affect his district. Congressman Bishop, on the other hand, has missed just 60 votes this session, and Congressman Matheson has missed only seven.

Christian Burridge, Rep. Cannon’s Democratic challenger in the November 7th election, called the record “shameful.” “The Third District deserves a full time representative in the Congress,” Burridge declared. “When elected, I will work full time for the people of my district.”

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