Sunday, September 03, 2006

Cannon Connected to Abramoff Scandal

Daily Kos Table of Abramoff's Dirty Dozen:


Corrupt RepublicanDemocratic Challenger
AK-ALDon Young(R)Diane Benson(D)
CA-04John Doolittle(R)Charlie Brown(D)
CA-11Richard Pombo(R)Jerry McNerney(D)
CA-46Dana Rohrabacher(R)Jim Brandt(D)
IL-14Denny Hastert(R)John Laesch(D)
IN-05Dan Burton(R)Katherine Carr(D)
MO-7Roy Blunt(R)Jack Truman(D)
MT-SenateConrad Burns(R)Jon Tester(D)
NC-11Charles H. Taylor(R)Heath Shuler(D)
OH-18whichever (R) replaces Congressman #1 (AKA Bob Ney)Zach Space(D)
TX-04Ralph Hall(R)Glenn Melancon(D)
TX-22the blank space replacing Congressman #2 (AKA Tom DeLay)Nick Lampson(D)
UT-3Chris Cannon(R)

Christian Burridge(D)

To see complete analysis from where this table came go here.

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