Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Christian Burridge for Congress Reveals Next Ad

Monday, September 25, 2006

Christian Burridge on KSL Channel 5

Friday, September 22, 2006

Christian Burridge Launches New Transportation Spot

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Salt Lake County Mayor Hosts Event for Christian Burridge

Mayor Peter Corroon cordially invites you to join him when he hosts Christian Burridge, Candidate for U.S. Congress.

Date: October 3, 2006
Location: The Pie Pizzeria
Address: 10627 S. Redwood Road South Jordan, UT
Cost: Suggested Donation $75, All Donations Accepted
RSVP by September 28 Call Joe at 801.349.2803, or email him at rsvp@burridgeforcongress.com

See Out of Context Analysis of Cannon Corruption List

Out of Context blogs on the Cannon scandal here. Lets not give Rep. Cannon the opportunity to move up the list by firing the Cannon this year.

CREW: Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington


Chris Cannon mentioned in corruption report here.

Chris Cannon lashed for brotherly dealing

Read this article in Today's Deseret Morning News,

Chris Cannon lashed for brotherly dealing

By Suzanne Struglinski

Deseret Morning News

WASHINGTON — Rep. Chris Cannon's cooperation with his lobbyist brother Joe Cannon has earned him attention on a list of "corrupt" members of Congress.

The Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington named Cannon, a Republican who represents Utah's 3rd Congressional District, as one of five "members to watch" in its second annual report ranking the 20 "most corrupt" members of Congress.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Democrat Burridge appealing to John Jacob supporters

Read about Christian Burridge's cross-over voter appeal to bring real solutions to Utah in today's Daily Herald.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Congressman Cannon leads Utah’s Delegation-in missed votes

WEST JORDAN, UT. - Congressman Chris Cannon has missed some votes this year. A lot of votes. In fact, Congressman Cannon has missed more votes than both of his Utah congressional colleagues combined.

It is not unusual for a member of Congress to miss votes during the session; Representatives are busy with committee assignments and addressing constituent concerns. However, Congressman Cannon, who represents Utah’s third district, has missed 102 votes thus far in the 109th Congress, including key votes addressing transportation and security matters that directly affect his district. Congressman Bishop, on the other hand, has missed just 60 votes this session, and Congressman Matheson has missed only seven.

Christian Burridge, Rep. Cannon’s Democratic challenger in the November 7th election, called the record “shameful.” “The Third District deserves a full time representative in the Congress,” Burridge declared. “When elected, I will work full time for the people of my district.”

Congressman Cannon votes against veterans

WEST JORDAN, UT.- Congressman Chris Cannon voted with only thirty members in the US House Thursday against a prescription drug relief program for veterans.

In Thursday’s vote the House passed an amendment to defense spending bill 5122 directing pharmaceutical companies to provide discount prescription drugs at retail pharmacies for military veterans (amnd. 434). Congressman Cannon was the only member of the Utah House delegation to vote against the measure. The amendment passed by a wide margin, 374-30, with 181 Republicans voting in favor of the legislation. A similar provision has already passed in the Senate, with Utah Senators Hatch and Bennett voting in favor of the provision.

The amendment will provide discount prescription drugs at all retail outlets for military veterans enrolled in the Tricare health network.

Christian Burridge, Rep. Cannon’s Democratic opponent in the November 7th election stated, “As someone who grew up in a military family I am close to people that use Tricare—I can say I would have voted for the Amendment. Our veterans and their families deserve the support of their representative. Congressman Cannon has voted to send our troops to war, but fails to support them when they return home.”

Congressman Bill Orton cordially invites you to join him when he hosts Christian Burridge, Candidate for U.S. Congress.

Date: September 20th, 2006
Time: 6:30 PM
Location: Ottavio's Ristorante Italiano
Address: 77 E. Center St. Provo, UT
Cost: Suggested Donation $100, All Donations Accepted
RSVP by September 15

Call Joe at 801.349.2803, or email him at rsvp@burridgeforcongress.com
Visit www.burridgeforcongress.com

Monday, September 11, 2006

Julie, I am listening

In today's Reader's Forum in the Deseret Morning News I read about a woman's plea for help. She said,

Who will listen to teachers?
I just came home after
working five hours overtime without pay. I'll likely do the same tomorrow, and
the next day, which is often my routine. Why? Because with 240 students in my
English classes, overtime is unavoidable to grade all the papers and
tests. Of my six classes, five exceed 40 students. I've no
doubt someone else out there in Utah's public schools can top me.
I'm not sure why we Utahns are putting up with these grievous
circumstances. We say we want smaller classes. We say we're willing to pay more
taxes to get them. We recognize that too many students means kids don't get the
attention and help they need. And yet, each year, it's the same situation. I
already know who is not listening to us. What I want to know is, who will?

Julie Parkin

Salt Lake City

We need change. The status quo's power hierarchy is ignoring those of us who want to invest in education and our future. Lets band together and get change in November.


Friday, September 08, 2006

Daily Kos blogger researching more Abramoff connections

Rep. Chris Cannon has 5 out of 6 Abramoff connections in Abramoff 64 project. Check out the formula and the project on all the Abramoff connections here.

Monday, September 04, 2006

The Social Security threat from the incumbent Congress

Tutorial on How the Debtor's Society is Created

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Election trouble for GOP

Many in Utah are being priced out of an education

See this excellent editorial written by Jon Cox.

I will fight to keep Pell Grants and subsidized student loans in line with tuition rate increases.

I will vote to cap guaranteed by the government and bankruptcy proof student loan interest at 4%.

It is time for change when it comes to college students and their families having a voice in Washington.

Cannon Connected to Abramoff Scandal

Daily Kos Table of Abramoff's Dirty Dozen:


Corrupt RepublicanDemocratic Challenger
AK-ALDon Young(R)Diane Benson(D)
CA-04John Doolittle(R)Charlie Brown(D)
CA-11Richard Pombo(R)Jerry McNerney(D)
CA-46Dana Rohrabacher(R)Jim Brandt(D)
IL-14Denny Hastert(R)John Laesch(D)
IN-05Dan Burton(R)Katherine Carr(D)
MO-7Roy Blunt(R)Jack Truman(D)
MT-SenateConrad Burns(R)Jon Tester(D)
NC-11Charles H. Taylor(R)Heath Shuler(D)
OH-18whichever (R) replaces Congressman #1 (AKA Bob Ney)Zach Space(D)
TX-04Ralph Hall(R)Glenn Melancon(D)
TX-22the blank space replacing Congressman #2 (AKA Tom DeLay)Nick Lampson(D)
UT-3Chris Cannon(R)

Christian Burridge(D)

To see complete analysis from where this table came go here.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Vice Chair of Utah Dem Party (Active LDS member) Rob Miller's letter to Senator Bennett

Dear Senator Bennett,
As an active member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and as vice chair of the Utah State Democratic Party, and as the father of three potential Mormon Democrats, I am truly taken back by your comments that were printed in the Standard-Examiner article by Andy Howell titled, "Utah Senator: Democrats have forced out moderate Mormons".

I have always looked to you as a man of "reason". My father in-law, Patriarch Devon Doney, has told me that he served with you in the Army, and that he holds you in high regard, as I am sure do a majority of your constituents. Even Congressman Jim Matheson has stated his high regard for you.

With that said, the question I must ask you is this, when did political deceit and baring false images against your fellow Utahns become a part of your nature?

Simply put, your blatant lie is reprehensible and is an insult to the leadership and membership of the Utah Democratic Party, as well as The First Presidency of the LDS Church who purposely changed the wording of this year's neutrality statement to represent this truth, "Principles compatible with the gospel may be found in the platforms of all major political parties..." This statement has brought comfort to so many LDS Democrats who have suffered unjustly at the hand of discrimination not because the have done anything wrong, but due to the fact that their conscience could not, and would not allow them to feel comfortable participating in their constitutional rights as members of the Republican Party.

I would also like to ask if you ever thought about the harm you may have caused to the children of people like myself who are proud Democrats? Can you imagine my children coming home from school after being told by their classmates that their father is "anti Mormon"?

Senator Bennett, in the name of honesty and decency I ask that you revoke your lie and the clear and intentional misrepresentation of the Utah Democratic Party, its leaders, and membership. Only a public apology will suffice and clear you from bearing falsehoods against your neighbor. You have been giving great opportunity to do good in your life; it would be a shame to see you lose your ethical character in the name of fear and in the pursuit of absolute power.

With every best wish,

Rob Miller Vice Chair, Utah State Democratic Committee

1st District Dem Candidate (and LDS Bishop) Steve Bishop responds to Senator Bennett

Dear Senator Bennett,

Last Wednesday, I received a call from Andy Howell from the Standard Examiner. He wondered if he could get my comment on a statement from you: that the Utah Democratic Party is the “anti-Mormon” party.

In the subsequent article in the paper, Andy wrote that I was “surprised” by your comments. Surprised is accurate – and I would add, very disappointed. I’ve respected you through the years, and really thought you were above resorting to the old “you can’t be a good Mormon and a Democrat” charge. I guess it just goes to show how hubris born of too much unchallenged power can even affect nice guys like you.

But as I thought about it, I realized your confusion probably results from the fact that you don’t spend much time around your non-Republican constituents. I might be able to help you there. As a recently converted Democrat and first time candidate, I’ve traveled all around Northern Utah meeting large numbers of Utah Democrats for the first time. I thought you’d be interested in learning about the Utah Democrats I’ve run into.

One group I’ve grown close to is the Tooele County Democrats. There are some great folk out there. One typical example is County Sheriff Frank Park and his pretty wife Randi. (Frank groused to me good naturedly that Randi had distributed more copies of my booklet than she had of his campaign pamphlet.) The first night at the Tooele County Fair, Randi and I had an interesting conversation – not about politics, but about her seven-year tenure as ward Primary president. I pumped her for some pointers on how her bishop had talked her into staying that long; I figured the information might be useful.Of course, one can’t mention Tooele County Democrats without a reference to that radical, blame-America-first liberal, Representative Jim Gowans. (I hope the sarcasm wasn’t too subtle for you, Senator.) It was quite the experience to stand next to this respected rancher and citizen-legislator at a booth in Stansbury Park recently and see the great respect the people out there have towards him.

I’ve also become great friends with Jan and Art Douglas, who live in Howell, up in Box Elder County. Art reminds me a lot of my grandfather (except, of course, Grandpa Olsen was a whole lot taller). He’s a throwback to those great Roosevelt Democrat farmers like my grandpa, who would never vote for a Republican because they didn’t stand up for the little guy. I spent about an hour with Art outside the auction barn at the Box Elder County Fair while he introduced me to people that walked by – and he knew everybody! It was pretty amazing. Of course, you know Art – he’s related his discussion with you where you were quite flippant towards his concerns about the state of the American family farm. And of course, there’s former Representative Eli Anderson, who’s running for County Commission – a good ol’ Utah boy if there ever was one. It was a sad day for rural Northern Utah when they lost that last remaining “D” in the Legislature.

Down in Davis County are some great folk, including Richard Watson, the county chair and Legislative candidate who popularized the “LDS Democrat” baseball cap, and my dear friend Rob Miller, State Party Vice-Chair and County Commission candidate, with whom I’ve had some very spiritual Gospel discussions.

Let’s not forget my home here in Weber County. I was privileged to have Bishop Neil Hansen and Bishop Scott Jenkins (otherwise known as Rep. Hansen (D) and Sen. Jenkins (R)) accept invitations to speak in our ward’s sacrament meeting the last Sunday in July. The two men obviously had a lot of respect for each other, and the ward members are still commenting on what a wonderful message each of these great men presented. And of course, there’s that sweet former school teacher, Lou Shirtliff. Lou and I had an interesting discussion recently about her letter writing campaign to KSL Radio, where she has repeatedly asked them a simple question: How can you guys carry the loving words of the Prophet twice a year, and then pollute the airwaves with the hateful propaganda of Sean Hannity during the week? A Quixotic quest, to be sure, but I respect her for fighting for what’s right.

I also need to mention former Senator Ed Allen, a gracious, kindly Ogden physician with a long history of Church leadership whose eyes flash in anger these days when he talks about what the Republicans are doing to his country.

I could go on, but you get the drift. I think you would not be nearly so judgmental about Utah Democrats if you actually ever spent time around any. True, some of our more liberal brethren and sisters tend to be more vocal and are in the media a little more (reference that “big tent” thing that you said we didn’t practice). But to call the rank-and-file folk I’ve met the last six months “anti-Mormon” is the most ludicrous thing I’ve ever heard. And by the way, I’ve never seen anyone more respectful toward the Church and its leaders and members than our current State Chair, Wayne Holland, who by the way, was elected by a majority of us Democrats.

Don’t think I’m offended. I’m sure rank and file Utah Democrats aren’t either; after all, they’re used to this kind of thing every election season from you guys. But I do think you owe the First Presidency an apology for your comments, which were very disrespectful to the Church.

So just what is it about the statements, “the Church does not endorse any political party or candidate” or “all major political parties contain values consistent with the Gospel” that is unclear to you?


Check out Steve's Blog

Senator Bennett Uses 'Scorched Earth' Divisive Rhetoric

I always thought that Senator Bennett was more thoughtful than what his inflammatory rhetoric exhibited when he said that Utah Democrats are the "anti-Mormon party." Senator Bennett has just blatantly attacked thousands of his constituents and fellow Mormons. As an active LDS member and federal candidate from the Democratic Party, I cannot let this absurd statement go unrefuted. I have met thousands of Utah Democrats--Mormon and those of other belief systems--and I have never heard an anti-Mormon sentiment. In fact, the people that adhere to non-LDS belief systems have shown me nothing but respect, support and a high regard for the LDS people.

As a returned missionary that has defended my LDS faith among many right-wing Republican and anti-Mormon people in western Michigan, I find his statement hurtful and lacking in serious thought. At BYU Law School I was trained by serious thinking LDS Democrats who taught me to take a more dynamic approach to considering American politics and trends in constitutional history.

The LDS faith has a longtime tradition of supporting principles of checks and balances and separation of powers, which are tantamount to our American constitutional tradition--which can only be achieved with at least a two-party system. Senator Bennett's comments are a hasty generalization and extreme. If anything, his remarks are pushing moderates away from his camp. I am disappointed by his politicization of religion. Senator Bennett owes an apology to the thousands of faithful LDS Democrats for his insensitive remarks.

In President's Hinckley's book Standing for Something, the President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints said the following about the fading civility in our world,

"We simply must work unitedly to remove from our hearts and to drive from our
society all elements of hatred, bigotry, racism, and other divisive actions and
words that limit a person's ability to progress, learn, and be fully accepted.
Snide remarks or racial slurs, hateful epithets, malicious gossip, and mean and vicious rumor mongering have no place among us."

It is time to elect leaders that are going to work to solve the serious issues confronting Utahns. Those politicians who want to wedge our community with divisive and hateful rhetoric should be called home. This rhetoric does not fix our schools, our transportation problems, our health care crisis or keep America safer. Let us unite as a community and work for a better future.