Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Youngest State In Nation Needs Voice for Future

Utah again ranked as the youngest state in the nation. Look at a recent Deseret News article about our state. We need a voice that will fight for our future. This week I received a unanimous endorsement from the Utah Educators Association. My opponent did not receive this distinction. What UEA knows about me--after almost an hour and a half of being questioned by their leadership panel--is that is that I have a vested interest in our public schools. My first daughter will start kindergarten next year. I am in this for the long haul. We need a congressman that sees the big picture. Someone who does not treat their position in Congress as a hobby or a nice pseudo-retirement option. But someone who is willing to work full-time for our future. Here are some issues where my opponent and I differ:

  • I am absolutely opposed to ANY nuclear testing in Nevada.
  • I am opposed to any centralized control of our school curriculum in NCLB.
  • I am in favor of keeping Pell Grants and Student Loans in line with rising costs of tuition.
  • I am in favor of capping guaranteed bankruptcy proof student loan interest at 4%.

Let's fight for our future together.

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