Friday, July 28, 2006

Inflation Heating Up--Utahns feeling the squeeze

Inflation jumped higher than it has since 1994 according to an inflation gauge closely watched by the Federal Reserve. This number did not take not account the latest run up in gas prices as oil hit a record high $77.03 a barrel on July 14. As Congress allows themselves another pay raise, the same Congress does nothing to bring the minimum wage into line with cost of living increases in America. As working class Americans continue to feel the squeeze, our millionaire in Congress in the 3rd district is silent on how to help the people of the 3rd District make ends meet.

Here are some of my positions:

  • Cap federally guaranteed student loan interest at 4% and support continuation of pell grants and subsidized student loans to helps students and parents pay for college.
  • Demand a transparent energy policy that is not made in secret back door meetings by the energy companies like Enron
  • Increase the minimum wage
  • Demand equity of pay and benefits for members of the military in the Reserves and National Guard
  • support a prescription drug bill that is not written by the pharmaceutical lobby
  • pledge to not attempt to privatize Social Securitiy into the hands of wall street bankers

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