Sunday, July 23, 2006

Cannon Says One Thing and Does Another Part 1

A little over ten years ago in 1996, Chris Cannon stated a core belief by championing the so-called "Contract with America" that was used in 1994. One plank of this conveniently all-but-forgotten promise used by people like Tom Delay and Newt Gingrich was a solemn vow for term limits. Oh, how times have changed. Here is a reminder of Cannon's vow to enforce term limits as a challenger to then Congressman Bill Orton in a June 15, 1996 edition of the Deseret News:

This is one of the most fundamental ways to clean up Congress and bring back a
citizen legislature as envisioned by our founding fathers. It will
effectively end congressional careerism," he said. Term limits tell
that those elected are there to serve, not maintain personal fiefdoms
to benefit
friends, ideological cronies and lifelong personal agendas,
Cannon said.
We limited the president to two terms, why should
Congress be above that?"

Well, now Cannon is seeking a sixth term, so he can serve his 11th and 12th year in Congress. If Cannon was to hold on to his beliefs he would have retired after 8 years, the same as a President, which would have occurred in 2004.

So next time Cannon touts his experience and positions of committees remember his statement about personal fiefdoms. The next time he calls Jack Abramoff a "great guy" remember what he said about ideological cronies. Lets hold him to his word and term limit him in 2006.


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