Saturday, July 22, 2006

Burridge Doubles His Points in Poll

Today, after being in the race for a little over four months, our numbers doubled since the last poll we had seen. According to a recent Dan Jones poll we stand at 24%. The first poll, when we were in the race about three weeks, we were at 12%. We have spent no money on media, have sent no mailers, and have done no canvassing--yet. But we have been in 20 parades. I am even ahead of millionaire, Utah State Legislator and REPUBLICAN LaVar Christiansen who logged in at 23% who is running against Democrat Jim Matheson. I think these numbers are more in line with the power of incumbancy rather than the Myth Machine's party line that always blabbers that this area is chuck full of Republicans. I stand by the proposition that most Utahns are independents. Interestingly, my opponent has a 39% disapproval rating. This is by far the highest disapproval rating among all of Utah's congressional delegation. The next closest disapproval rating is Senator Hatch at 24% and both Congressmen Bishop and Matheson are at 15%. See the numbers yourself.

We understand that our race is new and we need more name recognition. You can help us get out our message by donating at our ActBlue site. Remember, that Professor Quin Monson, the BYU professor that did the exit polling in the Jacob/Cannon closed GOP primary, said that if we raise $200,000.00 we have a decent shot at winning this race. Meanwhile, we will keep plugging away to get the people of Utah a full-time representative in Washington.


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