Friday, July 14, 2006

America wants change--they overwhelmingly want Democrats

Throughout our campaign we have noticed something in the air. Utahns are ready for change and are ready for new leadership in Washington, D.C. I have met thousands of people in the last few months. They are tired of power concentrated in the hands of a few, they are tired of a one party controlled government. They are tired of a rubber-stamp Congress. They want change. A recent national poll exhibits this phenomena. Here is the article Most Americans Plan to Vote for Democrats. Just a few key points:

  • By a 3 to 1 margin Americans hold Congress in low regard and would like to see another party controlling Congress
  • If the election were held today 51% want Democrats while only 40% want Republicans
  • 81% of Democratic base would vote for Democrats, 56% of moderates back their local Dem and 24% of Conservatives would switch over to vote for Democrats
  • Congress has 27% approval rating

The Article further noted:

Some criticism of Congress has focused on lawmakers' inability to control
spending, with lawmakers tucking in special projects for their home districts.
"They used to say there's nothing worse than a tax-and-spend liberal
Democrat," said Gary Wilson, 51, a self-described liberal from Gaithersburg, Md.
"There is something worse: It's a borrow-and-spend Republican. This is going to
come back to haunt us."

The tide is turning.


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