Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The Real Cancer on Society

Photo: Cancer on the Brain

I was invited to UVSC to give a one minute speech after the Cannon/Jacob debate on Saturday. I watched the debate and thought to myself "what about this picture involves a real choice for change?" I couldn't see anything hopeful. Right now the media is focused on immigration, and the debate focused about 70% of the questions on this sole topic. You could tell the questions were submitted primarily by the candidates or their close supporters. There were no questions about health care, wages or the war in Iraq. We should not choose our representatives based solely on the current "hot topic" of the day. We should look at an array of topics--dinner table issues-areas that effect people everyday when we vote for our representatives. We deserve a choice--not manipulation and control in our elective system. This comes from a diverse discussion of the issues.

I have heard on many occasions Mr. Jacob point out "a Republican will win this race." Now, I vehemently disagree with this statement on several levels. Not just because I am the Democratic Party's candidate in this race, but what it says about his mentality. It says to me that he has no hope for rule by the people, no regard for freedom of choice--or agency if you will, it shows contempt for the freewill of the people and for the system itself. Now Mr. Jacob is not the only person or influence that wants to control the system. Special interests and lobbyist like Jack Abramoff believe that Washington is for sale, the will of the people mean little and the money writes the policy in Congress. Mr. Cannon likes to call undocumented immigrants a
"cancer eating away at the very core of the very fiber of our country." I think the real cancer on our society are those who will take away our choice and manipulate our democracy.

I stand for freedom of choice of our representatives, not control and manipulation of the system through money. The real cancer on society is the influence money has on politics.


Blogger Kim said...

In my two encounters with John Jacob one thing was made clear: John Jacob has contempt for everything except John Jacob.

8:54 PM  
Blogger Quinn said...

Christian, I think John Jacob's comment about a republican winning the race is simply a statement of a foregone conclusion. You would do good to avoid the over-dramatic criticism of his statement. Like you and most other candidates, John Jacobs is a decent man trying to serve his community-he simply sees issues with a different perspective and has an alternate opinion. However, you make some good point. Good Luck!

3:09 PM  

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