Sunday, June 04, 2006

Pony Express Days Parade and Festival & Riverton Arts Festival

Yesterday, I walked in the Pony Express Days Parade. I tried to meet as many people on the parade route as possible. Fortunately, about half way down the road some saintly soul gave me a cold Aquafina water to drink. Bless your soul. After getting sufficiently sunburned in the parade--I forgot to put on sunscreen--we met up at our booth at the Festival in Eagle Mountain. At the Parade I met my old Riverton neighborhood friends, and former Southland Elementary School classmates, Jody Gallacher and her brother Mark Gallacher--a local American Family Insurance Agent.

At the festival the my opponents and I agreed to participate in a dunk toss for charity. The order of dunking was I, Christian Burridge, first,

John Jacob, second and Congressman Chris Cannon finished third.

Jacob attempted several times to dunk Cannon. However, he was unsuccessful. It was finally Burridge, Marissa Burridge that is--Christian's wife--that hit the pin that took down Cannon. We all had a great time. Hats off to my opponents for being good sports. We raised hundreds of dollars for the local youth council.

Later that evening I went to The Riverton Arts Festival. I met many people from Riverton, my home town, and the surrounding cities. I ran into my great friends from Oquirrh Hills Middle School and Bingham High School Brecka Gustaveson Scott and Dave Witt.


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So who made the biggest splash?

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