Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Breaking the Myth

It is hard to trace the exact day that the Cannon Brother Myth Making Machine was fired up and running in Utah County, but I assume it was sometime in the mid-nineties. During that time I was a missionary in Michigan. When I left for Lansing, Bill Orton was my representative and a good local boy could represent Utah as a Democrat. When I got home, the Gingrich Revolution had occurred and something was amiss politically in my home district. I think it was the Myth Making Machine.

You see, Bill Orton enjoyed powerful support in Utah County. There are several precincts where Congressman Orton won with 2-to-1 or even 3-to-1 margins in places like Pleasant Grove, Lindon, Orem, American Fork, Spanish Fork, Springfield, Payson, Salem, Santequin and even Provo. If you don't believe me look at the mid-term canvassing reports for 1990 and 1994. Overtime, the lore was born and grew into conventional acceptance that Utah County is the most conservative place in the nation. This assertion is a myth.

I agree that social issues are important for people in Utah County--they are important to me. Often they are threshold issues when people vote. But when one understands that a candidate is strong on social issues like family values and life for the unborn and looks deeper at economics and issues of fairness, the people from Utah County identify with those who advocate for democratic ideals. Most people in Utah want more funding for education and a tax system that favors small businesses and the middle class. They want clean air and water for their children. They favor policies that allow students to get as much education as possible. I stand for those principles.

Though the Newt Gingriches, Rush Limbaughs, Sean Hannities and Cannon Brothers want to fire up the machine and scream their self-interested definition of Utah County's people at us at every opportunity, Utahans are dynamic, educated and diverse people. I reject their restrictive and condescending definition of us as mere propaganda. It is a hasty generalization. I know, I grew up here, they did not. I know my people--the overwhelming majority are more like Bill Orton than Steve Forbes. We need policies that work for the people not the Forbeses of the world. It is time for us to have a representative that truly reflects the district. It is time for us to take our country back and defy the machine.


Blogger Emily For Utah Senate 28 said...

Go Christian! I wish I could vote for you. :-) You have made *all* of my points here! The other "Utah Myth" is that Utahns say "I vote for the man, not the party..." and yet they always choose the Republican. Let's go forward and change that. Thanks for your hard work and dedication to the people of Utah. You're rockin the party, baby!

12:10 AM  
Blogger Christy Giles said...

Where do you stand on "no child left behind?" I think the reult is unattainable. How do you propose to limit traffic of illegal aliens across our borders? What about the said 10-20 million people who are already here illegally? Do you support a time frame for exiting Iraq? What about marriage being between a man and a woman? Minimum wage? I have a whole lot of questions to ask you because you are not clear on what your posistion is on things that I feel are important. You vaguely mention what you stand for, but you don't specifically spell out where you STAND. Thank you for your effort. I really want to know. Just so you know, I am a registered republican and I voted for Bill Orton!

7:18 PM  

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