Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Scandinavian Days

Ephraim, UT

conversingChristian, Marissa and their kids took part in Ephraim's Scandinavian Heritage Festival this weekend. As a former Snow College students, Christian and Marissa had a great time meeting and talking with the citizens of Sanpete County. They were very encouraging and supportive, and he appreciated being able to hear their concerns and desires.

ptbThe Sanpete Democrats invited Christian and his family to join them on their "float" they decorated for Saturday morning's parade: a patriotically outfitted pontoon boat belonging to Sanpete Demo members Boyd and Avrin Brotherson. Draped on either side of the boat was a banner inscripted with, along with Christian's name, the names of the group members who are running for office this year: Kim Christison, for Utah House 68; Vern Fisher, for Commissioner; and Kevin Holman, for Sheriff.

candyThough the 40 lbs. of saltwater taffy only lasted a couple of blocks, everyone had a great time. Christian's daughter, Celia, especially loved throwing candy to the crowd. She was most disappointed when it ran out.

Many thanks to the Sanpete Democrats for all of their help this weekend, and all of the effort they put in to making everything go smoothly.


Blogger Kim said...

And a wonderful day it was!

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