Monday, May 22, 2006

My Reasons for Running

When Marissa and I had our first meeting with the leaders of the Utah State Democratic Party, Wayne Holland, Jr., the State Party Chairman, asked me why I wanted to run for Congress. I told him that I just couldn't sit around anymore. I had to do something.

Given all the things that have gone wrong with our leadership in Washington, D.C., I did not want to have to explain to my girls in 15 years that I didn't do anything when our government was not taking us in the right direction. I wanted to stand up for their future. I wanted them to have a chance to live the American dream like their parents were living.

Though my own children were an initial motivator for me to run for Congress, I am ready to stand up for all of our children. I want them to receive a quality free public education. I want them to have clean air and water. I want them to be safe from nuclear waste and from the effects of military testing of weapons. I want them to be free from an irrational national debt mortgaged by special interests. I want them to have a better future than my generation. If we don't change our course my kids and your kids are not going to have the same opportunities that make America great. For this reason this campaign is a tribute to Alma and Celia, and all the kids of Utah.


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