Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Christian on Radio West

Last week, Christian called in to Doug Fabrizio's Radio West program while they were discussing politics in Utah, the convention aftermath, and what the political climate will be like this election year. You can listen to the program here, or read the following transcript.

Doug: Let's take a call from Christian in Salt Lake. Christian, welcome.

Christian: Hi, this is Christian Burridge. How're you doing, Doug?

Doug: Fine, thanks - how are you?

Christian: Good. I'm the Democratic nominee; I'm going to be running against either John Jacob or Chris Cannon in the fall. I'm going to be on the ticket--

Doug: Right--

Christian: Proud to be on the phone with you today.

Doug: Good!

Christian: I just wanted to talk to you - I've been traveling throughout the third district in the last month or so, and I'm finding a lot of people that are ready for some real change. I think people are seeing that the GOP is just going to stand up for the same national agenda; they rubberstamp whatever the national leaders do, and the people in the third district are ready for real change and are ready for a Democrat to be able to represent the interests of Utah, a lot like Jim Matheson does. And I'm proud to do that.

Doug: What makes you think that they're ready for change?

Christian: I can feel it in the air - when I talk to my neighbors, who are Republicans and independents and moderates. This district is primarily made up of moderate voters - people who aren't necessarily partisan, and they're ready for someone to advocate for their interests, not necessarily always the GOP interests. You know, Cannon's voting record - he voted 95% of the time with Tom DeLay, and I think that people are tired of that, and they're ready for a grassroots candidate who actually represents the voice of the people instead of all these self-funded millionaires that try and buy the office. We are tired of the "pay to play" politics. We need candidates that will represent our future, for our children, and really stand up for the taxes that people are paying, and stand up for good fiscal responsibility instead of just the national GOP agenda.

Doug: Well, if Saturday's convention was any indication, the voters of the third district - some of them anyway, certainly the party faithful are thinking - Republican party faithful are thinking - about immigration. How are you thinking about that issue and how you may appeal to the voters of the third district?

Christian: Well, it's a big issue. I'm an attorney; I actually have practiced immigration law in the past, and I've been down in the trenches on this issue. I think that Americans want real immigration reform - real comprehensive reform. I mean, Mr. Cannon's position is kindof a "wink wink nod nod" policy. it's pro-business so they can get cheap labor. What we really need is a sound, economic-based solution. I mean, this really comes down to supply and demand: you have a big demand for labor over here, and you have a supply of labor on the other side of the border but... You know, there was an article a couple of weeks ago in the Tribune that talked about how some of these businesses are sending down "coyotes" to bring the undocumented immigrants across the border. If we can regulate child labor in this country - which we've been able to do - then we can regulate our immigration laws. We've had these laws on the books for years, and now, all of the sudden, it's a hot topic issue. These Republicans are scurrying around, trying to get a solution, when they've had power for five years to do something about it - and they haven't. And the reason why is because they have a hard time from the business interests, the big agricultural companies and such, that want the cheap labor. We stand for comprehensive reform that going to be good for wages, for everybody, and it's going to be good to boost our economy and to be able to have a fair and just system when it comes to immigration policy.

Doug: Well, Christian, let me ask you this, finally - I wonder how you're thinking about.. you mentioned your neighbors - moderates and independents, and even your Republican neighbors - as you've said, you kindof feel something different in the air. And I'm wondering, what makes them change their mind? What is making them rethink now the Democratic party in such a conservative district as the third?

Christian: It's Republican fatigue. They're seeing that they've sent Republicans back to Washington and they do not represent the interests of our children, of our families. They just rubberstamp the national agenda. I'm standing up for our families. Each member of my family owes 30 thousand dollars as part of the national debt. These Republicans are spending our kids' futures, they're mortgaging their futures. They're getting rid of student loans. We need somebody who's going to stand up for our children and our future, and I'm proud to do that.

Doug: Christian, we're glad you called.

Christian: Thanks, Doug, I appreciate your time.

Doug: Thanks so much. Again the number to call in is...


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Way to go. Can you get more specific on immigration?

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